engineering geology
engineering geology
engineering geology

Selected Publications

  • Hartati, S., Sadisun, I. A., and Saptohartono, E., 2009.Pendugaan lokasi potensi tanah longsor spasial dan waktu kritis berdasarkan analisis stabilitas lereng dan intensitas hujan di Kabupaten Bandung. Submitted for Jurnal JTM.
  • Setiadji, P., Sadisun, I. A., and Bandono, 2006. Pengamatan dan pengujian lapangan dalam karakterisasi pelapukan andesit Purwakarta. Jurnal Geoaplika, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 3-13 (ISSN 1907 - 2279) (with English abstract) (pdf file).
  • Sadisun, I. A., Shimada, H., Ichinose, M. and Matsui, K., 2005. Study on the physical disintegration characteristics of Subang claystone subjected to a modified slaking index test. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Springer, Volume 23(3), pp. 199-218 (ISSN 0960-3182: Paper; 1573-1529: Online) (pdf file).
  • Shimada, H., Sadisun, I. A., Ichinose, M., Ueda, T., Yoshida, Y. and Kikuo Matsui, 2004. Characteristics of flyash cement and its application in mining. Shigen-to-Sozai, Vol. 120, No. 8, pp.469-475 (in Japanese) atau Journal of The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan, Vol. 120, No. 8, pp. 469-475 (ISSN 0916-1740).
  • Sucipta, I G.B.E. and Sadisun, I. A., 2000. Petrographical study on volcanic rocks as concrete aggregates. Buletin Geologi, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp. 145-157 (in Indonesian) (pdf file).
  • Sadisun, I. A., Brahmantyo, B. and Sunarwan, B., 1999. Assessing characteristics of denudational processes of claystone of Subang Formation. Wawasan Tridharma, Sci. Mag. of Kopertis Region IV, pp. 11 - 16 (in Indonesian).
  • Sadisun, I. A. and Matsui, K., 1999. Engineering aspects of clay Minerals from weathered claystone of Upper SubangFormation. Berita Sedimentologi, No. 11, Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum (FOSI), pp. 8 - 9 (html file).
  • Sadisun, I. A. and Bandono, 1998. Recognition of rock weathering grades to support some civil works and mining operations. Scientific Bull. of Gakuryoku, The Alumni Group of Japan (PERSADA), pp. 10 - 22. (in Indonesian).
  • Sadisun, I. A., 1998. The influence of weathering grade of Upper Subang claystone on some engineering properties for supporting slope-reinforcement design. Prosiding Institut Teknologi Bandung, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 17-24. (in Indonesian) (html file or html file).
  • Brahmantyo, B., Puradimaja, D. J., Bandono and Sadisun, I. A., 1998. Interpretation of aerial-photo images and their relation to subterranean drainage pattern of karts landscape of Gunung Sewu, Southern Central Java. Buletin Geologi, Dept. of Geology, Institute of Technology Bandung, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 37 - 50 (in Indonesian).

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